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Founder’s message

I arrived in the United States in the summer of 1984 escaping communist Romania at the age of 18, and was welcomed into a small but united Romanian community.

Eleven years later, as a result of my extensive volunteering work and involvement in Romanian churches and their communities, I realized the need for a platform that would enable all Romanians from all over the United States to get to know each other and network together, support each other’s businesses, celebrate each other’s achievements and successes, and contribute to the betterment of our community at large. All while enabling non-Romanians to reach out and network with our communities as well.

And that is what drove me – and my wife Simona, who is also born and raised in Romania, to start in the summer of 1995 a community oriented advertising and communication agency, and separately – a Romanian-American publishing house, both entities working together for the purpose of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the success of our community’s businesses and organizations. Over the years our team’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance empowered people, businesses, and organizations to achieve their dreams quicker while our community flourished.

Our pioneering networking and mass communication projects, the numerous special events we’ve organized or hosted, all lead us 7 years later, in spring of 2002,
to the decision to merge the two ventures in what they have naturally grown to be,
an organization that self-defines its purpose – the Romanian-American Network Inc.

With almost 30 years of hard work and dedication to our community, we are just as eager to connect with anyone who is interested in outreaching and networking with any of the Romanian communities in United States.

OUR PLEDGE is to use all available resources and contribute to our clients’ work group continuously supporting the efforts of others with utmost integrity.

Steven V. Bonica
Founder & President

The truly successful people care for others
and are willing to contribute to their enrichment.